Occupy Oakland Press Conference, Dec . 9, 2011(video)

From Occupy Oakland:

Port Shutdown Updates… One Day Away!

December 10, 2011

  • Organizers are hearing from ILWU rank and file of local 10 in the Bay Area that they are being told by their local president NOT to cross the picket line on Monday. This is a major victory and is in line with the long history of the ILWU respecting community picket lines
  • Oakland Educators Association has endorsed the 12.12.11 call to Blockade the Ports and will be participating in the action. Read their statement here.
  • Iraq Veterans Against the War has also endorsed the action and will be participating. Read their statement here.

Further Reading:

Numerous articles have been posted online explaining the context for the blockade and the relationship with organized labor.

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Occupy Marin

Occupy Marin stands in solidarity with the West Coast Port Shutdown. The schedule for tomorrow is:
 3:00 pm – Rally at 14th and Broadway
4:00 pm – March from 14th and Broadway to the Port
5:00 pm – March from West Oakland BART to the Port
 If you would like to carpool, please email and we will try to coordinate riders and drivers. It was suggested at the GA to drive to the Richmond BART, ride to West Oakland station, and join the 5:00 pm march as a group. Please indicate which leg of the event you would like to join.

Demonstration Safety Tips
Although it is unlikely that you will get arrested if you try to stay clear of trouble, just in case:

  1. Make sure you have, and stick with, a buddy of the same sex so that you can be arrested and detained by the police together.
  2. Make sure you have home care in case you are arrested so someone is keeping track of you while you are in jail, looking out for your pets and property, able to pick you up from jail. And equally important, someone to comfort you when you get home with a cup of tea or warm meal. Prepare for a 72-hour time period.

Things to bring (but generally pack light):

  1. Someone should have a first aid kit.
  2. Water
  3. High protein snacks if you will be there a long time.
  4. A handkerchief around your neck to cover your mouth and nose in case you come in contact with tear gas or pepper spray.
  5. In the cool weather, consider layering your clothes as extra protection in case of contact with police, but not so much that it hinders your mobility.
  6. A baggy with a napkin and cider vinegar (or lemon juice) to be used for wiping off tear gas from skin.
  7. A plastic bottle (preferably with a spout that can spray) with whole milk so you can wash tear gas or pepper spray out of your eyes.
  8. 3-days worth of any medication you cannot do without.
  9. With a marker, write on your forearm a legal assistance number, 415-285-1011, and a personal contact number.

Do not bring the following:

  1. Contact lenses (they will make getting tear gas or pepper spray difficult to get out of your eyes).  Wearing glasses may or may not help protect your eyes depending on the situation.
  2. Anything that could be construed as a weapon.
  3. No illegal drugs.
  4. Jewelry
  5. Oil based skin products, like sunscreen or lotion, can make tear gas burns worse.
  6. Long hair. Tie your hair back if it is long so it cannot be easily grabbed.

Other tips:

  1. If you are sprayed with tear gas or chemical weapons, do not rub your eyes or skin.
  2. If you find yourself on the ground huddling for protection. Lay down on your right side and curl up tightly to protect your organs and protect your head with your hands and arms.
  3. If you find yourself being handcuffed with zip ties, try to flex your muscles in your wrists and keep the wrists as far apart as possible so that when you relax you have as much room as possible.
  4. If you are part of an affinity group, consider having a flag or something that sticks up above the crowd so your members can identify the group from a distance making it easier to stick together.






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